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Luvlea Bottles

Luvlea Bottles


Lea Sheavill



FIND Luvlea Bottles:

- Leigh-on-Sea Craft Fair 2021

- Christmas Craft Fair 2021

- Christmas Craft Fair Weekend 2021


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DISCOVER More about their products:

Hi, I’m Lea and I craft up-cycled bottles. These are glittered, decoupaged and then lit with string lights which are placed inside. These can be warm light, cool white or multicoloured and most of the ones I use work with readily available AA batteries, which are simply turned on be pressing a “button” on the top. My designs are many and various which can be made for many occasions - Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversary or Thanks You. If you have any specific requirements I will try my best to help, just contact me to discuss. From £15 a bottle.


United Kingdom



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