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& General Booking Information ...

What shall I list under 'Products' on the booking form?

Please give a FULL description of the products you are looking to sell.

Please be as specific as possible and expand on all categories. Try to avoid generic terms like: 'gifts', 'jewellery', 'textiles'.

For example:

Textiles - Bags, bunting, cushions, quilts, purses, cosmetic bags.

Jewellery - Sterling silver: earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, watches, keyrings, charms.

The more information you add in this section the better because it makes it easier for me to control how many of a similar product I may have, to keep things as fair as possible.

Please note: With any items you have not listed, I may be unable to accomodate them on the day of an event.

2-Day Events

If an event runs for 2 days, you must clearly circle which day or days you would like to participate in. If both days have been booked the same size and quantities of tables chosen, will apply to both days. Unfortunately, I am unable to offer different sized tables on each day. If you are attending both days, you will need to pack away your stall at the end of the first day and take everything with you, because you will be unable to keep any belongings at the venue.

Do you supply tables and chairs?

Yes. All tables are provided, along with 2 chairs per table. (More chairs are available on request.) You must clearly state the table size you wish to book (if there are options of different size tables). Please also state the quantity of tables you would like to book. If more than 1 (one) table has been booked, your tables will be placed together. Please note, table cloths are not provided.

Is there access to an electricity supply?

Yes, although electricity supplies are limited. Please circle the appropriate box on the booking form, if you would like access to an electricity supply and please state what you will be using the venues electricity supply for. All electrical equipment must be PAT tested.

Can I demonstrate my products?

Yes you can! If you would like to demonstrate please circle the appropriate box, on the booking form and please indicate what you will be carrying out. For example, some stallholders do paper crafting, painting or personalisation at their stalls etc. *Subject to the suitability of your demonstration.

What do I add in the 'Special Requirements' box on the booking form?

Please use the ‘Special Requirements’ box to tell me any information about the following: 1. If you wish to sit adjacent to your stall ( for example, if you have a high product display). 2. Any demonstration requirements. 3. If you would like space at the side of your stall for any extra displays, that do not fit onto your table. Including mannequins, rails, pull-up banners etc. (Sizes must be included.) 4. If you have any food allergies. (*Please see the next section.) 5. Access requirements. No matter how small, please list anything you think is relevant for me to know!

Booking Form

All sections of the booking form, that apply to you, must be filled out in full. Spaces are only provisionally reserved at an event once I have received your completed form, and if I have space for your type of craft.

Food Allergies

Please let me know if you have any food allergies, that I need to be made aware of, this is because I regularly have food stalls at my events which may be selling foods containing various allergens (e.g. nuts). In the event that there are stallholders who have severe food allergies, I will not allow any stalls to sell products containing these specific allergens. An email will be sent out to any participating food stalls to notify them. If an allergy is severe, I will also contact stallholders taking part in an event and I will ask them not to bring in any snacks/foods containing these allergens.

How do I pay for a stall?

Payments can be made by the following: 1. Bank Transfer – I will send you my BACS details upon your request and form completion. 2. Paypal – I will send you a Paypal invoice upon receiving your completed booking form.

(Please make sure to include the email address that you use for Paypal on your form.)

3. Cheque – Please make cheques payable to Miss L. Dallow and please contact me for my address.

Do I need Public Liability Insurance?

Public Liability Insurance (PLI) is recommended, unless otherwise stated as an essential. (Please see individual event booking forms.)

Can I have a refund?

Yes, refunds can be made. Please see the Terms & Conditions for the full conditions. If refunds need to be made you will be refunded the way you made your original payment:

  1. Paypal – the refund will be made via Paypal. (I may ask you to confirm your Paypal email address.)
  2. Bank Transfer/Cash/Cheque – the refund will be made via Bank Transfer. (I will ask for your Bank details which will include: Payee Name, Bank Name, Sort Code and Account Number.)

Confirmation of Booking

Once I have received your completed booking form and your full payment, a receipt will be sent out to you confirming your booking. Please allow 5 working days, from the date that you made payment, to receive your receipt. Only stallholders who have received a receipt have a confirmed space at an event.

Please find below some FAQs. If you have any queries please do get in touch!