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Supporting handmade, local, small craft businesses is something that is very important to me and is what "Louise's Events" is all about.

I believe that craft fairs should showcase only the handmade crafts and small businesses and this is what I strive to achieve.

I have created this logo and is something that I include in all of my promotional material, when advertising my events.

Supporting Handmade...


Supporting Local Small Businesses...

As well as supporting handmade, local, small craft businesses at my events, I also support my local independent shops.

Something you may not know is that for all of my promotional material that I design and then send off to be made, I use only local independent companies:

For all of my leaflets, posters and banners that I use at all of my events, I use small independent print businesses in my area.

For my leaflet distribution I also use an independent business local to me.

I don't send any of my promotional material that I need printed to any online companies, and

I will continue to use my local shops!

By visiting one of

…you are supporting handmade...

… and by making a purchase, no matter how big or small...

…you are supporting a small business!

craft fairs...

Why visit one of Louise's Events craft fairs?

By visiting one of my craft fairs you are not only supporting my small event business but more importantly you are supporting many of the stallholders who take part in my events.

For many stallholders craft fairs are their main outlet to sell their handmade items, where many hours go into making each and every product.

For some stallholders it may be a hobby or part-time job and for some a full-time job and so by visiting my events you are supporting them.

Can I support small businesses by visiting their website or social media?

Many small business have their own website and social media pages. Often you are able to order and purchase from small businesses online, and by purchasing from them instead of large retailers, helps to support them.


With so much online shopping I feel that it is just as important to visit craft fairs so that we don't lose that shopping experience and day out!

Not only that, but by visiting craft fairs you also get the chance to meet the stallholders behind the makes and are able to pick up their handmade items and look at the details more closely, something you cannot do online!

Supporting Craft Fairs...


How does Louise's Events promote craft fairs?






Where Can We Go



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Displayed inside every venue, where an event is taken place.


Displayed inside or outside the venue, or in the local area, for every event.



Delivered door-to-door around the local area of the venue, for every event.


Adverts placed in the Echo, Rayleigh Times* & Leigh Times* newspapers.



All events are advertised across Facebook on various sites.


Tied on lamp-posts near the venue on the morning of every event.


Placed inside venues directing visitors to the rooms where an event is being held.



Every event is listed on multiple websites, such as:

Visit my Facebook page:

I design all of the promotional material used to advertise every event!

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